KnockOut Contest Rules

Basic Rules

  • Entry Fee ($5) due by September 18, 2021
  • Starts with the games of Week #3
  • You pick one winner each week. Point spreads are NOT used in this contest. Pick correctly and advance to the next week


  • Winner take all (except in the case of a tie. See TieBreaker section below)

Weekly picks

  • Games will be picked straight up. No point spreads. A tie will be considered a loss.
  • Failure to submit your pick for a week will eliminate you from the contest.
  • Once you have picked a team to win, you can not pick that team again. You will pick a different team every week that you remain in the contest.

Scoring/Questions/Tie Breakers

  • If all remaining players are eliminated on the same week, the winner will be determined by the highest weekly point total for that week (normal weekly 55 point scoring). The next tiebreaker will be the total games picked correctly for the week. If it's still tied, the prize will be split.
  • If more than one player makes it through the entire season, the prize will be split.
  • Once eliminated, you are out for the remainder of the contest.