G's FB Pool - Basic Contest Rules

Due to the current situation please check out the Covid Contingencies page.


  • $50 entry fee - must be received by September 18, 2021. (no exceptions)
  • Three places paid weekly ($50/$25/$25)
  • The remainder of the proceeds will go into the end-of-year pool. We try to pay 1 place for every ten entry's. Assuming 100 entry's, we will pay 10 places. I will finalize and publish the end-of-year amounts around week eight.

Weekly picks/Point Spreads

  • Point spreads will be from the Internet. I use various sites and try to average the spreads if there are variations amongst the sites.
  • If I cannot find a spread, I may try to estimate a spread. Either way everyone is using the same spread.
  • Schedules will be emailed and available on the web page Tuesday at Noon.
  • The point spreads that I publish, right or wrong, are the ONLY spreads that count.
  • Once you have made your picks using the point spreads you will need to rank your games from 10 to 1. Your 10 point game being the one you feel the most confident you will get correct.


  • There are a possible 55 points to be scored each week. In the case of a tie, the total wins for ALL games played that week will be used to determine the winner. Hint: Pick the early games whenever possible, it can make a difference.
  • If there is still a tie, the prize will be split.
  • No points will be awarded for a game that results in a tie after the point spread is added.
  • If you miss a week, you will receive an absentee score. The absentee score will be 80% of the weeks average score rounded down.
When picks are due
If... Your picks are due in by:
The first game of the week is on Sunday  10:00pm Saturday night
The first game of the week is on Saturday  10:00pm Friday night
There is a game on Thursday or Friday  1 hour before the first game
  • Your picks can be changed up until the final deadline for that week. If you miss a deadline you can still submit your picks. You will just not be able to pick the game(s) which have passed their deadline.
  • For example, if you miss the first deadline for a Thursday game, you can still submit picks on Saturday night before 10:00pm. You just won't be able to pick or modify the Thursday game pick(s).
  • No picks will be accepted after 10:00pm Saturday night. That is the final deadline and is my server's time, not the time on your watch. ;<))