It looks like it's time to Kickoff another Football season!!!

Welcome to G's Football Pool! How time flies. I've been doing this pool since around 1986-87. It started out as an office pool on slips of paper with about 15 people. We then incorporated a fax machine, followed by email, and eventually this web site around 2001 or 2002.

The basic contest includes picking the winners for each game using the point spreads and then ranking each game from 10 points down to 1 point. This is $50 for the entire season with 3 places of payouts weekly. Check Here for additional information.

There are also two King of the Hill Contests. Contest #1 starts in Week #3. Get at least one of your top 2 picks correct (10 point or 9 point) to continue to the next week. Miss them both and you are out. Last one on the "Hill" wins. This contest is $5 to enter, due by September 18, 2021.

There will also be a second King of the Hill contest. The 2nd KOTH starts in week #10. This one will only be the 10 point pick. Get your 10 point pick correct and continue to the next week. Pick wrong and you are out. Last one on the "Hill" wins. This is also $5 to enter, due prior to the week #10 deadline. More information on both of the KOTH contests can be found Here.

New Contest - KnockOut

There have been numerous requests for this new contest. This one will be called "KnockOut". The KnockOut contest will be a little different in that you will make one pick each week of the contest the point spreads. This contest will start in week #3 and is also an elimination type contest. Pick one team to win their game. If you pick correctly you continue on to the next week. If you pick incorrectly you are out. The catch is that you can not pick the same team more than once. Therefore if you pick the Raiders in week #3 and they win, you will not be able to pick them again for the remainder of the contest. You will have to pick one of the 29 'other' teams. This is also $5 to enter and will start in week #3. Last one left after everyone else is Knocked Out wins. More details can be found Here.

Everything is done using this web page. Come to the page to get the weekly schedule and results. You will also come to the page to enter your weekly picks and your KnockOut Pick (if playing). When you finish entering your picks, they will be checked for completeness and you will see a 'receipt' page. If you do not see the receipt page, your picks were probably not entered, please try again. You will also receive an email receipt of your picks. During the games I have a program that runs and updates scores and players totals. Check back in regularly to see how you are doing.

Looking forward to having another great season. Good Luck & GO RAIDERS!!!   ---- G

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